15 Ways to be a Badass Mother

Are you feeling like you’re working your ass off and your life just keeps repeating like the movie Groundhog Day (like me lately)? Like what on Earth I am living for? Try some of these to get your groove back.

A hint: Movement is what many of these are about. You got to get up off your ass to make it bad yo!

It goes without saying that you will be doing all of these with your children or with your children nearby.

1. Jump on a trampoline. A big back yard trampoline is best, but a small re bounder is great too. I plan on getting one of those to use inside this winter. Tramp jumping makes me so happy. While you’re at it try a flip or two.

2. Dance to Lady Gaga or to whatever music you and your kiddos love.

3. Smash your psoas (and other muscles) a la Kstarr.   Yes, it will hurt and yes your kids will climb on top of you, but it’s okay. It will help you move better, feel better, and have less back pain.

4. Walk! Walk! Walk everywhere!

5. Lift some heavy shit

6. Drink raw milk and raw egg smoothies (recipe coming soon). This is my power drink. It almost always makes me feel better after I drink it and has loads of protein, good fats, and good vitamins.

7. Grow dreadlocks

8. Get some (sleep)!

9. Get some, get some (sex). I know, know it takes some orchestration to get this done when you have kids and sometimes it makes you feel crappier and not better, but experiment and see what works for you.

10. Go outside. Get some skin exposed to the sun and get some Vitamin D and some light in your eyes. Go barefoot. Work in your garden. Does wonders for your soul.

11. Breastfeed in public. Because it’s between you and your baby. It’s just life. It’s normal. It makes life easier when you’re out and about and you just IDGAF what other people think.

12. Believe that you’re awesome! No matter what other people think or what the voice in your head tells you (you know the one). Apply IDGAF.

13. Carry your baby without pain

14. Build a booty (see number 5) Cuz a big booty likely means you’ve been using it to do it’s intended job (moving you around) and not relying on your poor back to do the work of your hips (yes ouch!) Plus we like big butts and we cannot lie…

15. Eat! (Real Food) see number 6

Now your turn–share with me some things that lift your spirits and lighten your soul, and generally make you feel like a badass momma!


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