Powerlifting Meet

Well, “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” or something like that.

Arrived at the meet at 8am which was taking place at the beach. No one there. Waited until 8:30 and still no one there. Yes, folks, the meet was CANCELED.

And yes, I was/am hugely bummed. And yes, I am getting my money back since the meet  was canceled the night before with no explanation (I didn’t get the message until later next morning).

But when you’re handed lemons make lemonade right? So, since my family was all in town–here’s what we did instead

(Pictures with my wonderful siblings, Josh and Daniell)

DSC00882 DSC00886 DSC00892

A huge thanks to my family members, many who drove long hours to come and support me.


2 thoughts on “Powerlifting Meet

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