The Work of your Hands

6-24-13 082

mulberry face

I want you to stop beating yourself up.  I don’t mean giving up, or saying, ” Well I should just be happy with the way things are.” I mean taking those baby steps toward your dreams, following your heart and then patting yourself on the back for the courage it took to take those steps!

Look at the work of your hands. Look at your hands–what have they done? Today? Every day? Over the years? What have you accomplished? Are you enriching people’s lives? If you’re not, then find out What You Want To Be Doing on this planet and Who You Want To Be and start doing it! But if you are taking the baby steps, then allow yourself to celebrate, breathe it in, own it, feel joyful about it.

The Work Of My Hands:

My growing garden. My two beautiful children. My bald-ass chickens. Nasturtiums and lavender blooming. 195lbs deadlifted. Kitchen cleaned. Laundry going. Blog post written. Helping people relearn how to move well and get strong. Helping people feel better with massage. Working day-by-day on my relationships with my daughter, my son, my husband, myself.

6-24-13 063

who can resist a chubby naked baby?

This is the work of my hands. I am accomplishing and moving toward my goals. I am making the world a better place.

My normal mode of thinking is to see only how far I have to go and how far I fall short of Who I Want To Be.

Yes, the world is Going to Hell in a Handbasket and yep you can ALWAYS do more. But have you taken the step? Have you moved forward? Have you done what you know to be right?

Don’t stop making progress on the path, but

Take a look at the work of your hands– and be proud.


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