Wednesday Stills

Totally stole this idea from Rachel Martin of Finding Joy (Love her blog). Such a lovely way to recap the week and prepare for the week upcoming.

And yeah, it’s supposed to be “Sunday Stills”, but I’ve been busy working like a mother and lifting like a mother so, you’re getting this on Wednesday:)

Training Recap: Focused on deadlift and bench press in preparation for upcoming powerlifting meet. Deadlift not so good progress. Bench press–good progress. Did a nice deload day for squats and had fun with a finisher of burpees and kettlebell swings.

Training Plans for This Week: Continue focus on deadlift (goal 205 single) and bench press (goal 100 for a double) –last week to kick it hard before going lighter week before the meet.

Grateful For: My little guy Benji who turned 1 July 5. I treasure the memory of his beautiful homebirth. Benjamin you have brought sweetness to my life over the last year!


Happy Tears!



Benji 11 months

Wishing That: I was stronger! (Duh!)

What’s Hard: Allergies blow! (literally) Don’t know why it’s affecting me in July. Maybe my system is more inflamed with the heavy lifting than usual. Upping my vit C, and taking quercetin in addition to my regular supplements in hopes of dampening my immune response in overdrive.

What’s Fabulous: That my body (and mind) is feeling better since cutting my training volume down and adding in multi vitamins and fish oil a few weeks ago. I no longer want to cry when I think about going to the gym and my little tweaks and aches and pains are just about gone!


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