Powerlifting Meet Preparation

Starting to worry and obsess about my upcoming meet. The meet is bench press and deadlift only–no squat. Still haven’t decided what I want my attempts to be. Definitely want to go 6 for 6, since it’s hard for me to “fail” and just shake it off.

I was hoping to have progressed more with my deadlifts, but yesterday could still only get 2 reps at 200lbs same as 2 months ago. I was aiming for 5 reps. On the other hand my benching went nicely. Funny, since I think bench press is a boring lift and isn’t as “functional” as a standing press.

I think I will go for at least 100lb on the bench, maybe as much as 110lbs. I’d like to do 210lbs at least for deadlift, but may need to stay lower.

Hoping to have my brother in town to help me load plates for warm up–haven’t asked him yet:) and a friend to get help with lift off for the bench press and to get my attempts to the judges. We’ll see what my team of “handlers” ends up looking like day of. It might be me, myself, and I. But, hey, that’s the way I’m used to doing things! Not always the easiest, most fun, or most productive, but when you have no other options–you get the job done!

Not sure when my next meet will be, since the rest of the year I will be training for RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) certification, so I want to make sure this powerlifting meet will be smooth as it can be and hopefully fun and rewarding!

The other movement goals on my list include competing in ballroom dance, doing something more in belly dance ( I miss dancing), and Olympic-style weightlifting. I still need to think about whether I want to focus on one for awhile or just start checking things off my bucket list!

I’ll keep you posted on the meet if you sub to my blog! And thanks!


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