Why Women Should Lift Heavy Weights

Every woman needs to strength train.


NOT lift pink 5 lb. dumb bells. NOT on the weight machines, but under a f******* barbell, or kettlebell or heavy dumbbell.


Seriously. If you’re not lifting heavy you have no idea what you’re missing.

Mainly this:


When you can lift more than your body weight, you can do just about anything.

I am not perfect, but when I face my fear of getting under the bar, I can face my fear of telling the hard truths, of taking the next leap in my work life, of sharing my passions with absolute strangers.

Oh, and there are side benefits to lifting heavy–fat loss, muscle gain, increased bone density, and plus you can eat more:)

So I don’t care if you’ve never picked up a weight in your life. Start where you are. Learn to do full push ups. Put 10lbs above your head. Learn to body weight squat correctly. Then go get some kettlebells, or barbell set and power rack, or join a good gym.

Invest in yourself.

Strong body=strong soul.

Go do it, then come tell me how it’s changed your life.


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