Belly Fat (and progress pics)

Ugh! Hard to see my belly expand and not with a baby this time!  I’m about ready to start cutting calories again. Sick of belly pooch and sick of growing out of clothes! This all for the cause of gaining muscle along with the fat right?

And I have gained muscle. I love the way I look everywhere else, but the fat always goes straight to my mid-section. I bet I’m about 25% body fat right now–up from around 22% 6 weeks ago. I’m just guessing though. I’ve gained 5lbs, yes, on purpose. I know in the powerlifting world this is probably nothing. You see, my primary goal at this time is to gain strength and muscle and to do that, you have to eat a lot.

Some days I’m ok with it, but a lot of days I’m thinking “whoa, this has gone too far,” as I eye the little roll above my waist band.

Will cutting a bit hurt my strength gains? Cuz not cutting is hurting my pride! I’ve got about 1 more month until my first powerlifting meet. After that I will begin training for the RKC certification in October. I am sure to lose body fat training for that due to high volume and high intensity training.

I’m gonna share some progress pics with you NOT so you can comment and stroke my ego and NOT so you can comment and tell me how I need to lose fat either, but so that you can SEE the muscle gain and get a better idea of what happens when you lift heavy and eat lots.

Pics on the left are from January, six months postpartum. I had been doing low to medium intensity kettlebell work since about 1 month postpartum. Pics on the right are from June after six months of heavy barbell work (please excuse the mess!)

6-24-13 0196-24-13 075

6-24-13 0216-24-13 074

6-24-13 0206-24-13 076

Very proud of the back progress!

Funny thing is, I think I’ve received more compliments since I’ve started powerlifting in January than I’ve ever had (even when I was much leaner). But I’m also good at the art of camouflage. Ha!

Yep, I’m eating a LOT probably around 2500 plus calories/day to fuel my lifting. And you know what? It’s really liberating not to have to worry about how much I’m eating all the time. My choices are very healthy for the most part–lots of real food– high protein and high fat, with a few well chosen carbs. And what can I say, more “treats” than I would usually eat as well.

I share these feelings because I know that just about every woman struggles with body image issues, regardless of how lean, or muscled, or fit, or fat, or big, or small, or “in shape” she is. I am striving to change how I view myself and my body–to love and value my body for what it can DO, not solely for how I look.

I hope to reach a point where (at least on most days) I will believe that my body is AWESOME and not give a f*** about reaching some unrealistic six-pack abs standard.


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