One Small Step

Take one small step TODAY. Tomorrow take another. And another. And another.

If you do not take action today–right now–you will never be any closer to your goal.

I’m repeating these words to myself as I write my first blog post. I’m afraid my writing will be boring, will offend, won’t resonate, or in some other way will be less than perfect.

Many mistakes must be made on the road to success (however you define it). And you can’t fail or succeed if you never try, create, or put something out there.

So, I am pushing through my fears and my perfectionism in the belief that I have a message worth sharing that people in general, and women specifically, need to hear.

Mainly these:

    • Lift heavy weights
    • Eat real food
    • Feel the fear and do it anyway
    • Follow your heart
    • Always question the status quo
    • If it’s important do it every day
    • And don’t forget to dance!

If these points resonate with you please subscribe and tell your friends.

What one small step will YOU take TODAY toward your dreams?


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